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WonByOne is a website, and an app created with the intention of explaining the truth of the Bible in a simple and understandable way. Our basis for faith is the Bible alone. We do not want to change anything in the written Word of God – the Bible. In this way, you as an applicant can be sure that the teaching in WonByOne gives you a true understanding of the Bible’s gospel. Our goal is that people should be able to get to know God and Jesus Christ personally. Knowing God is not a religion, but a living life where the Holy Spirit takes up residence in the interior of the individual.

We believe that the Bible is the Word of God, given by God to all people throughout all ages. God’s Word is true and relevant for everyone, regardless of nationality, culture or background. WonByOne strives to stand firmly and clearly on the faith and teaching of the Bible.

WonByOne is free and open to everyone, and it is owned by the Jesus2Europe foundation.

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WonByOne a free resource for everyone. We are constantly working on developing the concept and with translations into several languages. The development is mainly done by voluntary employees. There are still costs associated with work like this. In order to reach even more people with the truth of the Bible, finances are necessary. Would you like to help support WonByOne’s further development?

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